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Jamie Zidell and Jamie Zidell P.A. Sued For Not Paying Overtime

Jamie Zidell and Jamie Zidell P.A. were named as defendants in a Fair Labor Standards Act lawsuit. Taking a play from the “Zidell Playbook,” a former legal secretary alleges she “worked an average of 65 hours week” without specifically identifying how she came to that conclusion. The former secretary also alleged she is due liquidated damages because “Defendants [are] a busy law firm representing wage and hour plaintiffs in thousands of cases brought against local business, willfully and intentionally refused to pay Plaintiff’s overtime wages as required by the Fair Labor Standards Act as Defendants knew of the overtime requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act.”

The former legal secretary goes on to claim she was misclassified and paid as an “independent contractor” and was issued a 1099 for the work she performed. The complaint states “[t]his improper classification was done so that the Defendant could attempt to avoid complying with Federal and state laws, including, but not limited to, the failure to pay Federal payroll taxes and state unemployment taxes.”

The case (1:16-cv-20709) was assigned to the Honorable Ursula Ungaro.

You can read the complaint here.

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