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Wage & Hour Defense 


We represent employees as well as employers. By not limiting our firm, we gain valuable knowledge and insight into the litigation by understanding each set of facts, which helps us to better represent, each individual client. The best attorney for the job is usually the one who understands all aspects of the case, which includes understanding what the party sitting on the other side of the table, is thinking. We understand the “other side” because we represent employees as well as employers, something you are not likely to find in attorneys at other law firms that only represent employers.


We develop legal strategies that make legal and more importantly, business sense. Our “bottom line” is not dependent on the number of billable hours. We do not impose billable hour “quotas” on our attorneys.






In most cases, the key to efficiently defending an employment case is to immediately determine if a violation existed and remedy the situation. Each case is evaluated realistically with a cost-effective approach while working with our clients to ensure their interests are being protected. We will resolve a case or aggressively defend it by seeking dismissal of any claim that lacks merit depending on how our client wants to proceed. It is important to be in compliance with employment regulations and to assess these claims early in litigation in order to minimize damages and litigation fees and costs.

Good Legal Strategies

Florida has long been an epicenter of Wage & Hour (Fair Labor Standards Act ("FLSA")) litigation, and in 2014, Florida’s Southern District once again saw more new FLSA complaints filed than anywhere else in the country, racking up 1,145 cases. 

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