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For Whom We Practice . . .

Kuvin Law has a diverse base of cliental. We represent both employers and employees in labor and employment related matters. We also represent corporations and individuals in the other areas of the law.

We Represent Restaurants and Hotels
South Florida has the greatest number of restaurants and hotels in the state of Florida. We represent these and other hospitality businesses in employment issues, leases, commercial matters, licensing, zoning, torts such as slip & falls, and worker compensation claims.
We Represent Employees

We represent employees in employment matters which include wage and hour (not being paid properly), discrimination, worker's compensation, and unemployment (DEO) appeals. Call us and speak with an attorney today or contact us by sending a request.

We Represent Restaurant 
Sellers & Buyers

We represent restaurant sellers and buyers in full business or asset sales. If you are selling or buying a local restaurant, make sure you hire an experienced attorney who will have the knowldge to represent and protect your interests, now, and after the business is sold/purchased.

We represent property owners in Miami-Dade County as well as the several included local municipalities including the City of Miami, the City of Coral Gables, Pinecrest, and others. We offer our services by working together with you to formula a plan while mitigating time and costs. Some of the areas of property law we practice are:
  • Building & Zoning issues including mitigation of fines and appeals.
  • Local Zoning ordinances, variances, building codes, citations and fine mitigation.
  • Administrative hearing representation and appeals.
  • Condominium/HOA issues (Unit owners only).
We Represent Property Owners
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