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Attorney Referrals 

At Kuvin Law we represent employers and employees. Employment law is a complicated area of the law where federal, state, and local ordinances all intersect. The statute of limitations can be 180, 300 or 365 days or even 2, 3 4 or 5 years depending on the type of claim. Some claims require a pre-suit demand letter while others require an exhaustion of administrative remedies. Kuvin Law attorneys are familar with litigating both employer and employee sided lawsuits. We pay the maximum allowed according to Florida bar regulations for attorney referrals. 
Discrimination in the Workplace
EEOC, Title VII, Florida Civil Rights Act, Local Ordinances


We litigate discrimination issues in federal and state courts as well as at the local municipal level. We also represent federal government employees in EEO matters (45 days to contact an EEO counselor). Sexual harassment, hostile work environment, sex discrimination, race and ethnic origin discrimination, sexual orientation discrimination, religious freedom, age discrimination and HIV discrimination are a few of the areas we represent clients in from filing a claim of discrimination with the proper administrative agency or local court.


There are more wage and hour litigation cases filed in South than anywhere else in the US. Whether it be in federal, state court, or a local administrative court, we represent employers, who many times face "questionable claims" that they have not been properly paid made by employees. We also represent employees in class actions (FMWA), collective actions (FLSA), for minimum and overtime wages not paid. 

Wage and Hour Litigation
Fair Labor Standards Act, Florida Minimum Wage Act
(Employer or Employee)
Wage and Hour Hospitality/Restaurant Litigation
​Tip Pool Violations
Florida businesses are permitted to pay their employees less than the required $8.05 minimum wage if their employees earn tips. A tip credit of up to $3.02 is allowed so long as the employee earns at least $3.02/hr. in tips and is permitted to keep all of the tips s/he earn (with very limited exceptions). This area of the Fair Labor Standards Act/Florida Minimum Wage Act is extremely complicated. After more than 25 years in the hospitality/restaurant business, Kuvin Law attorneys bring a plethora of experience and knowledge to this highly litigated area of the law where we represent both employers and employees.


Municipal Zoning & Land Use
Federal, State and Local Ordinances


We handle Municipal Zoning and Land Use litigation/appeals in and around Dade County Florida. While Kuvin Law may be a small firm, it can deliver big results. Below are several issues Kuvin Law has successfully litigated to the desired results of our client(s).


  • Legal Team Defeats Placement of Municipal Trolley Repair Garage in the West Grove (2014).

  • Forced "Historical Designation" of Coral Gables Home/Property removed from the property (2012). 

  • Coral Gables Personal Use Pick-Up Truck ordinance repealed in (2012).

  • Charges dismissed Miami Beach Zoning alleged home was being used as an Airbnb accommodation in violation of Local Ordinance.





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