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We represent employees as well as employers. By not limiting the areas in which we practice, we gain valuable knowledge and insight into each set of facts which help us to better represent our clients.


Kuvin Law practices in both State and Federal courts. There are several areas in which we focus our practice:


Labor & Employment

•Wage & Hour (FLSA) - Overtime

•Work Place Discrimination

•Sexual Harassment

•Pregnancy Discrimination

•Hostile Work Environment

•Sex Discrimination

•Sexual Orientation Discrimination


•Federal Employee EEO


•Premise Liability


•Asset Purchase/Sale


•Labor & Employment


Commercial Litigation


•Trade Secret Act (Unfair Comp.)

•Real Estate Related Litigation
•Business Torts

Municipal Zoning

• Variances/Warrants

• Appeals

• Quasi-Judicial Hearings

• Mitigation of Fines

•Miami Beach Airbnb Fines






The Law Firm of Lowell J. Kuvin offers "dedicated and aggressive representation, with personal attention and professional diligence for our clients." 

We represent clients throughout the entire state of Florida, in State and Federal trial matters as well as appellate courts and other quasi-judicial proceedings. Our office is located in the heart of downtown Miami, close to Miami International Airport.

We practice and represent clients in:


Federal Courts

11th Circuit Court of Appeals

Northern Florida District Court 

Middle Florida District Court

Southern Florida District Court


State Courts

Florida Supreme Court

All District Courts of Appeal

All Florida Circuit Courts

Local Municipalities

 Municipal Administrative Hearings

 City/County Commission meetings

 Historical Preservation Board

Federal/State/ Local Employment 

Equal Employment Opportunity      
Commission hearings ("EEOC")

Florida Commission on Human Relations ("FCHR")

Miami-Dade County Wage Theft Ordinance hearings 

•Federal Employee EEO





Best Attorney for the Job


The best attorney for the job is usually the one who understands all aspects of the case. That includes understanding what the party sitting across the table is thinking. The attorneys at Kuvin Law have more than 25 years of restaurant and hospitality business experience. Their experience and the large base of restaurant knowledge is something you are not likely to find in attorneys at other law firms.


Working With Our Clients


We believe that working with our clients, not just for them, is important for proper representation. You can skip the extra time it takes explaining how a restaurant works, “restaurant philosophy,” or the ins-and-outs of your daily business. This saves time and resources and gives your team an advantage.


Good Legal Strategies

We develop legal strategies that make business sense. In most cases, the key to efficiently defending an employment case is to immediately determine if a violation existed and remedy the situation. Each case is evaluated realistically using a cost-effective approach while working with our clients to ensure their interests are being protected. We will resolve a case quickly or aggressively defend it by seeking dismissal of any claim that lacks merit depending on how our client wants to proceed. It is important it is to be in compliance with employment regulations and to assess these claims early in litigation in order to minimize damages and litigation fees and costs.





Hospitality Attorneys

Many law firms practice in vertical columns regarding the law and specialize in areas such as contracts, personal injury or commercial transactions. At Kuvin Law we practice horizontally across a wide variety of specialized areas of law such as Hospitality and Restaurant issues. From negotiating restaurant/club leases to defending premises/personal injury cases or labor issues. Our more than 25 years of experience in the Hospitality and Restaurant industry prior to becoming attorneys gives our clients a distinct advantage.

We believe that working with our clients, not just for them, saves us time and our client’s money. We understand restaurant philosophy including the in-and-outs of your daily business decisions. Many attorneys do not have the practical restaurant experience that our attorneys possess. 

Employment Law In Florida


There are over seven (7) million employees (non-agricultural) in Florida. Additionally, there are several layers of laws that regulate the employer/employee relationship; State, Federal as well as County and Municipal Ordinances.


The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) and the Florida Minimum Wage Act (FMWA) are laws that focus on compensation for hourly as well as salaried employees. Unemployment, Overtime, Drug-Free Workplace, Hiring and Firing, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC - Sexual Harassment  Discrimination, etc.) are State, Federal and local laws that regulate working conditions as well as the employer/employee and workplace relationship.


At Kuvin Law, a large part of our practice is dedicated to helping our clients navigate the many layers of law that apply to Florida employment.

Contact us and speak with one of our attorneys today. 

The Law Firm of Lowell J. Kuvin, LLC
17 E. Flagler Street Miami FL 33131
P: 305.358.6800
F: 305.358.6808
Toll Free: 1.888.KUVINLAW






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Any correspondence between a firm attorney and a prospective client is not to be construed as the engagement of any attorney at The Law Office of Lowell J. Kuvin for legal representation unless the representation is evidenced in a writing signed by both parties. The discussion of matters between a firm attorney and a prospective client for legal representation is CONFIDENTIAL and protected by the client/attorney privilege as directed by the Rules Regulating The Florida Bar; 4-1.6.

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